The Northern Tadka Which Took Me By Storm : Cooking Classes In Delhi!

Hi, being a cook by profession, it is but natural that I always seek the different cuisines which exist all over the world. Born and brought up in Kerala, mostly I have observed and cooked with ingredients like rice, coconut and fish. I always do find different ways to innovate and when I found an opportunity to visit Delhi, I actually jumped at it without a moment’s pause!

Arriving in Delhi on a working assignment thrilled me no ends. We were put up in a guest house where I had to make food for the esteemed guests who happened to drop by, mainly politicians and people in the power corridors. As I had to think up of a variety of menus each day, I thought of exploring the Cooking Classes In Delhi to upgrade my skills and at the same time spice up the daily menu.

Cooking Classes

Cooking Classes | Image Resource :

Whipping Up Tasty Treats At Cooking Classes In Delhi

Maitri Apartment, Mayur Vihar, Phase 1

Maitri Apartment, Mayur Vihar, Phase 1 | Image Resource :

At 11 am on the fourth day of my arrival in Delhi, I found myself ringing the door-bell of 32, Maitri Apartment, Mayur Vihar, Phase 1.Paying up a decent amount of Rs.1199, for a two and a half hour session, I found myself learning the fine art of making nachos with salsa, cup sandwiches, cheese shooters, Mexican Canapés plus a variety of pasta’s. The best thing was, all the ingredients were provided for and we could all taste what we made in good quantities.

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Next day being Saturday I could again get away by 11 am at sector 86 New Delhi, at Sweet Indulgence, a cooking class that teaches on how to make authentic Indian sweets. On the list that day were the Gajar Ka Halwa, Sandesh and Moong dal Halwa. I found that for Rs.799,it was a cool deal.

Gajar Ka Halwa

Gajar Ka Halwa | Image Resource :

Moong Dal Halva

Moong Dal Halva | Image Resource :

Sandesh Sweet

Sandesh Sweet | Image Resource :

I took a chance the same day to go by 6 pm to Punjabi cooking at sector 86, New Delhi, Ravneet cooking classes. Paying up Rs.999, I was treated to an art of making authentic Punjabi Tandoori food like roti’s, naans and chicken too. Tasting these delicious dishes I thanked my lucky stars, for picking up these finer nuances of Punjabi food and thought these would be great hits in Kerala too!


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