Train Travel from Chengannur (CNGR) to Chennai (MAS) By TVC Chennai Express

Hi! I am here again with my next account of travel. Being a chef at the age of 25, I am passionate about food and always love to experiment with food. Other than that I love travelling with buddies, and I do it whenever I get time from my busy schedule. After a hectic week, I got a few days leave and I decided to go to Chennai with my friends as it was quite near to the place I lived and I have never had a chance to visit Chennai before. My friends, including me always opt for budget travels, so we chose a train travel from Chengannur (CNGR) to Chennai (MAS) by TVC Chennai Express.

Chengannur Railway Station

Chengannur Railway Station | Image Resource :


We decided to reach the station at 7.00 pm because the scheduled departure of the train was at 7.29 pm. I packed my bag taking care to include only the necessary things for the travel. I prepared dinner for all of us, adding some distinct flavors of my own. I was sure that my friends would devour the food. I was the first one to reach the station. Soon the other three arrived. There was quite a rush in the platform with passengers and their accompanying friends and relatives.

The train arrived by 7.30 pm and we got into the AC coach, which I had booked, searching for our seats. We found ourselves comfortable in the seats and started planning the next day’s itinerary. The train moved on after a minute, slowly gaining speed. At last we are off to Chennai, all excited and hoping for wonderful time in the city.

Dinner in Train

Dinner in Train | Image Resource :


We had our dinner at 8.30 and as I expected, my friends were all praises for the food that I have prepared. After sitting and talking for a while we all decided to have some sleep before we reached Chennai. I took out a book and read for a while before I went off to sleep.

Tea Cup Chai And Vada

Tea Cup Chai And Vada


Getting up at 8 in the morning we had a cup of tea and vada in the train. Soon we reached Chennai Central railway station by 9.55 am. The train travel from Chengannur (CNGR) to Chennai (MAS) by TVC Chennai Express took only about 15 hours. The station was buzzing with various activities and we joined the crowd that moved to the exit door.