NTR University Of Health Sciences Vijayawada – Created for The Noble Cause

After my journey to the Mangalagiri hill temple I decided to visit the NTR University of Health Sciences in Vijayawada as I believed that the doctors were equal to gods for the patients. The first university relating to health sciences was established by the Government of Andhra Pradesh and it was inaugurated by then Chief Minister N T Ramarao on 9th April 1986 but it started functioning from 1st November, 1986. It is governed by the Finance Committee, The Executive Council, The Planning Board and The Board of Studies. The university boasts of a well-furnished library and a high fi computer center. Accommodations are available for visitors, examiners and the faculty members in the guest houses. A separate area is used for examination purposes. Security is very tight and electronically controlled and can be accessed by only security staff and authorized officers.

NTR University of Health Sciences

NTR University of Health Sciences | Image Resource: ceemandhra.com

Biometric electronic recording system is installed and used for attendance purposes. Graduate and post graduate degrees for courses in medical sciences, Dental surgery, Nursing, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Naturapathy and Physiotherapy are quite common. Applied Nutrition and Medical Laboratory Technology courses are also quite common. Nearly 184 colleges are affiliated to this university and the degrees which are awarded are recognized by all the statutory bodies including the Central council of Indian Medicine, the Dental Council of India, The Indian Nursing Council and the Central Council of Homeopathy.

View of NTR University of Health Sciences

View of NTR University of Health Sciences | Image Resource: panoramio.com

The admission for MBBS degree into Medical colleges is based on their performance in the EAMCET exams. The ranks in these EAMCT exams determine the availability of seats in the government colleges and the tuition fees are nearly Rs 14,000/annum for the calendar year 2013-14. This exams also helps in getting seats in private colleges but the fees is relatively higher i.e. INR 60,000/year for the academic session 2013-14. A free and easily accessible Medicaljournal “The Journal of Dr. NTR University of health sciences” is published online on its website ntruhs.ap.nic.in for the interested parties. It was first published in the year 2012 in the month of March and since then has been religiously published quarterly.

NTR University of Health Sciences Vijayawada has solely been established with the aim of greater good for the masses and going through its history has humbled ma as well as made me a more knowledgeable person.

Travel Photo Of The Week : Akkanna And Madanna Caves Vijayawada

Akkanna And Madanna Caves Vijayawada

Akkanna And Madanna Caves Vijayawada | Image Resource: flickr.com

Akkanna And Madanna Caves Vijayawada: Akkanna and Madanna caves are amongst some of ancient historic monuments in the Vijayawada of Karnataka state. These caves were built by Akkana and Madanna who ministered the whole process. Akkana and Madanna built these caves during the 17th century. Every month, hundreds of touristS visit these caves to experience the ancient ambience of Vijaywada.

Hotel G Square Vijayawada – Embodies True Essence of Services

Vijayawada, the Land Of Victory is a place having both business and industrial sectors and is also popular for its famous tourist attractions which invite the people from all the corners of the world. After completing and exploring the NTR, university of health services, I decided to rest at the famous Hotel G Square Vijayawada. I stayed at this hotel for about one day which was enough for me to know about the hotel services.

I had booked a standard AC room were all the facilities for a comfortable stay is available. The rooms were clean and large and my stay was comfortable and pleasant. Other comforts includes a high speed internet facility, television with channels for pupil entertainment, a working desk, solar heater , mini bar, direct dial telephone with facility to make international calls, centrally air conditioned rooms tea/coffee maker and an electronic safe. The room also had designer toiletries. Wi-Fi and breakfast services were complimentary for me.

Hotel G Square Vijayawada

Hotel G Square Vijayawada | Image Resource: lh3.ggpht.com

The hotel also had the facility of a club room. A total of forty two bedrooms are present in the four floors. A helpful and informative 24-hours helpdesk is present which solves all the queries of the travelers and the people staying there. According to me the hotel is appropriate for the wedding and other ceremonies and events which can be celebrated in a spacious and beautiful hall and banquets present inside the hotel premises. For private parties, press conferences and birthday parties there is an enticing venue. Hotel G Square also provides many onsite services where additional charges apply. Conveniences and facilities like laundry services, free parking, doctor on call and many other secretarial services makes the hotel best for leisure and business travelers.

Rooms at Hotel G Square Vijayawada

Rooms at Hotel G Square Vijayawada | Image Resource: lh3.ggpht.com

An exquisite blend of contemporary and traditional style of hotel with elegant and stylish interiors, flawless services and best cuisines, it had given me a deep level of satisfaction, comfort and relaxation. Equipped with luxurious amenities it tempts its travelers and tourists to no bounds. Being one of the most beautiful ones, the Hotel G Square Vijayawada embodies the true essence of services and class and its rates attracts guests who gets all exclusive facilities that too are very affordable.

Undavalli Caves Vijayawada – The Place where History Unfolds Itself

My group was ecstatic to visit our next destination which was the Undavalli Caves Vijayawada. These caves are to be found in the Undavalli village of Guntur district and falls in the state of Andhra Pradesh. These caves are present at height of 8km and are at a distance of 32km from Guntur and around 280km from Hyderabad. The Undavalli Caves Vijayawada fall at the highest point of the hills those face River Krishna.

Undavalli Caves

Undavalli Caves | Image Resource: wikimedia.org

History associates the Undavalli caves to Vishnukundina kings in the era of 420A.D – 620A.D. These caves also have a history of being dedicated to the Anantapadmanabha Swamy and Swamy Narisimha.

View of the Undavalli Caves and Ananta Padmanabha Swami Temple

View of the Undavalli Caves and Ananta Padmanabha Swami Temple | Image Resource: wikimedia.org

Carved out of solid sandstone there are 4 caves present on the hill in the vicinity of each other. The largest and well known of the four is the one with an enormous statue of Lord Vishnu resting in a reclined posture. This sculpture is carved out of a single block slab of granite and placed on the second floor. The other three caves belong to different deities such as Lord Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh.

Lord Vishnu Carved from a Single Granite Rock

Lord Vishnu Carved from a Single Granite Rock | Image Resource: wikimedia.org

The central cave exhibits the influence of Gupta architecture shaped in a Buddhist monastery. The first floor also includes some Buddhist vihara and Buddhist sculptures. The carved walls of the caves also exhibit some sculptures carved by the skilled craftsmen of old times.

We climbed up to the highest point of the hilltop and marvelled at the Undavalli Caves Vijayawada that seemed that a living example of the rich Hindu architecture. The hilltop was surrounded by green pastures and the view of the countryside looked amazing. I stood there for some time and let the hair play with my hair as I dwelled in the presence of history. We sat on the green pastures talking nothing to each other but looking at the clean blue skies until stomach starting ringing the bell of hunger. We left the place to explore the nearby market and so we decide to eat at a local restaurant to experience the taste of the city of Vijayawada, a city that never disappoints its tourists at all.

Kanaka Durga Temple Vijayawada – The Blend of Beauty and Devotion

After some rest from the tiring train journey and with all the games that we played during the entire train journey we reached our friend’s place in Vijayawada and slept until early morning. Then we woke up and got ready to visit the famous Kanaka Durga Temple Vijayawada. On our way to the temple we even witnessed the beautiful orange yellow sunrise and took loads of pictures in different poses with the sun.

Kanaka Durga Temple

Kanaka Durga Temple – Vijayawada | Image Resource: wikimedia.org

The temple is located on the river bed of river Krishna which is encompassed by the Indrakeeladri hill. The Goddess of Kanaka Durga is described as self-manifested (swayambhu) Triteeya kalpa and finds its mention in the Vedic literature such as Kaalika puraana and Durga Sapthashati. Kanaka Durga Temple Vijayawada is one of the famous temples in the vicinity of Vijayawada. One can either reach the temple on a vehicle, we had taken up two wheelers rented for the day or one can also take the steps to reach the main temple. During Durgashtami celebrated in the annual Indian festival of Dasshera, thousands of devotees from all parts of the city throng the Kanaka Durga temple. They visit the temple to offer their prayers to Kanaka Durga preceded by a holy dip in River Krishna. It is a believed mythical fact that Saint Adi Sankara had been to the temple and had installed the renowned Sri Chakra in the Kanaka Durga temple.

Kanaka Durga Mma

Kanaka Durga Mma | Image Resource: durgamma.com

The beauty of the sculpture of the goddess Durga and the inscriptions on the temple walls must be witnessed to be believed. The beautiful golden temple shines brightly as the sun rays touch its tip. The Kanaka Durga Temple Vijayawada is the best way to start or aarambh the journey in the beautiful city of Vijayawada. The dwelling of goddess Kanaka Durga, the source of power, assets and compassion in the city of Vijayawada has enlightened the city in many ways.  After our visit in the main temple we decided to sit in the temple hall for some time and to experience the divinity in peace. Our next destination was the Prakasam barrage and we had also carried an extra pair of clothes in case we decide to take a dip in waters of Vijayawada.