One Of The Memorable Travel Experiences Of My Life

Trip to viper Island Andaman is one of my lifetime’s amazing travel experiences. I had many incredible traveling experiences, but the this experience will open our minds to new thing and in different ways we can get to experience life. We can experience different cultures that are terms of food, clothes and so on.

Viper Island Andaman

Viper Island Andaman | Image Resource :

So I love to travel different sorts of untouched places like Islands. I and my friends were lucky to find this amazing adventures place as a holiday vacation. We experienced not only the beauty of this Island but a lot more. This place is well known for its natural beauty, water sports, old monuments and wistful fondness for all its landscape.

Viper Island

Viper Island | Image Resource :

The Port Blair airport is well conned to my native Kerala’s neighborhood Chennai. It is a small airport and gave us an unforgettable view while landing. We have taken nearly 2 hours to reach the Andaman from Chennai by air. Initially, we had planned to travel by water way from Chennai, as we came to know that it will take 3 to 4 days. So we selected the airlines to travel conveniently. When we arrived at this beautiful found mainly people from our TamilNadu, Kolkata and Andhra. The widely spoken language in this Island is the Hindi. Really, it was a thrilling experience to meet so many different people from different places.

Old Jail at Viper Island

Old Jail at Viper Island | Image Resource :

The Viper Island is located very near to Port Blair; we reached this place by boat, which was the fabulous water way journey I have undertaken in my lifetime. The minute we entered this beautiful place we noticed that, you need to take entry tickets and the entry fee was Rs 75. I had my camera with me, but they didn’t charge additional fees for that. This place is visited by plenty of tourists as it near to Port Blair and the site of the old jail; used by the British. It was the part of our Indian independence history. With these visual treat, we also experienced the taste of south and north Indian food. After spending time at the picturesque Island, our next landmark to visit was Mahatma Gandhi Marine national park in Andaman.