Don’t Miss A Chance To Visit A Paradise On Earth : Vythiri Resort Kerala!

Welcome to my blog, a big hello from Akash Nambiar. All my readers know about my inclination towards Mother Nature from my previous blogs. Well, this time again I will be taking you all to my next nature destination in Kerala– Wayanad. I would here share my recent experiences at a unique resort which rejuvenated my soul, and it will also win your hearts away.

Vythiri Resort Kerala - The magic of Nature

Vythiri Resort Kerala – The magic of Nature | Image Resource :

The name of this super natural resort is Vythiri Resort Kerala. I was glad to find this dream destination, and I feel lucky to experience the magic of nature. As soon as I entered the resort, my mouth was left wide open and I was literally speechless. It is a completely new world in the middle of tropical rain forest. The ethnic styles huts and cottages, slight sounds of birds, colourful butterflies all around; I was in the middle of heaven.

Beautiful Tree House at Vythiri Resort Kerala

Beautiful Tree House at Vythiri Resort Kerala | Image Resource :

The facilities provided here are extraordinary, rejuvenation therapies, open woody restaurant, TV salon, natural pool, Ayurveda centre, coffee shop, games room, and the list is pretty long. Overall, it was not a resort but a tiny little nature’s home offering the loveliest time in every moment.

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The Vythiri Resort also received an International Quality Crown Award, which speaks for everything. The resort has the best spa that offers complete refreshment for body and mind with a combination of modern and aromatic massages by the professional masseurs.

Rejuvenation Therapies at Vythiri Resort

Rejuvenation Therapies at Vythiri Resort |

The Ayurveda centre is exotic and the treatment given stimulates the pressure points of the body and offers you positivity. There are different kinds of packages available for Ayurveda and spa, one can avail any of them based on the type, needs, time, and budget.

Vythiri Resort Kerala Ayurveda Centre

Vythiri Resort Kerala Ayurveda Centre | Image Resource :

One can come across attractive deals and packages in Christmas and New Year seasons; I would recommend my readers to book a deal and have an enchanting time with their beloveds. The place offers different kinds of villas and cottages: honeymoon pool villa, tree house, Vythiri haven and pool villa. After spending 3 days in this paradise, I was not willing to get back to my working life.

Unfortunately, even good things have an end. But, I promised myself to back here again after a couple of months, and I will definitely do so!