Regional Museum Of Natural History: A Call For Environment Protection

After the visit to the amazing Kalinga Stadium, the next destination which I decided to visit was the Regional Museum of Natural History. The museum comes under the National museums of Natural History located at every regions of the country under the Ministry of Environmental and Forests, Government of India.

The main purpose of these museums is to create an awareness among general public about the different flora and fauna about the country and their importance. The museum in Bhubaneswar was formed in the &th Five year plan with its mission to impart education to the public in general and the student community in particular about the renewable and non renewable energy sources.

Regional Museum Of Natural History

Regional Museum Of Natural History | Image Resource:

The museum is located at the Acharya Vihar square at National highway 5. The Regional Museum of Natural History serves as perfect tourist destinations among all the age groups and is visited by thousands of people daily. The architecture of the museum and the surrounding environment is the perfect site for all the masses to learn and educate about the importance of nature and the vital need to protect it.

The museum showcases the biological diversity of the eastern part of the country like Odhisa, Andaman and Nicobar islands and educates the common masses on how these natural resources are important for the survival and an ingredient part of the socio-economic lifestyle of millions of people in the region.

The museum galleries emphasize on conservation of nature and natural resources and also beautifully depict the interrelationships between plants and animals. Museums like these should be a must visit place for every schoolchildren as it is important to create awareness about nature in the children.

The star attraction of the museum is the skeleton of the Baleen whale which was installed in it and is the largest in any museum in India. The trip to this museum was indeed a very informative one and inspired me to care about the environment which is being depleted continuously by human activities of materialism and consumerism.

After the trip to the Regional Museum of Natural history, the next destination on my list was the world famous Udyagiri caves.


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